Maine is known all the world over for folks high level of craftsmanship, work ethic and integrity. With those traits ingrained in the business, the Damon Family, our team, all strive to bring our clients an even greater level of artistry, creativity, and dedication to their work. We remake that commitment every day to only work on one project at a time as a team (that includes the owner, architect, carpenters and sub-contractors).

From your idea, to a design on a napkin, to a finished product that owners take great pride in calling home, the team here at Damon Builders works as if each project is their own. In house design services, decades of experience in the highest quality building methods, lasting relationships with architects and subcontractors, a focus on energy efficiency and attention to customer service unlike any other in the trade, Damon Builders creates relationships with owners to build a home which will withstand time.